Dec 14, 2021

MSG Equipment announces the season of New Year presents open!

MSG Equipment announces the season of New Year presents open!

New Year is not just a date change in the calendar but also a new opportunity for the business boost. To expand the opportunities of your garage in 2022 and make it the more competitive the possible, it’s high time to consider either the launching of new lines or getting to the higher level of the services you provide. Save now and earn after – isn’t it the perfect progress formula?

MSG Equipment doesn’t aspire to be Santa, however, we’ve also prepared a present for you – 10% discount for the diagnostic equipment:

  • For brake calipers
    MS300 – enable the diagnostics of the performance capacity and integrity of brake calipers. It’s a combination of the test bench and the working area of serviceman.
  • For shock absorbers
    MS1000 – it can evaluate the technical condition of passenger car shock absorbers and control the quality of their repair.
  • For HPS pumps
    MS604 – checks the performance capacity and output parameters of single- and double-circuit HPS pumps with the mechanical drive. The test bench imitates the operation of the pump in a car.
  • For alternators and starters
    MS005 – multifunctional test bench for the diagnostics of the automotive alternators and starters with the rated voltage 12/24V, the alternators with the vacuum pumps and the automotive batteries.

Hurry up! The number of the equipment with a special price is limited.

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