Buying the test bench MS604 - for diagnostics of power steering pumps, as a gift you get complete set of fittings and special repair tools for power steering pump!

The only way to assess the alternator’s technical condition is through diagnosing it on the test bench. The bench allows us to set a load on the alternator and read the output rating and the alternate current component.

The FlexRay bus has been specifically designed to match the ever-increasing demands placed on communication systems, especially concerning speed and data volume, real-time operation, and reliability

Using the controller MS561, it is possible to perform a full diagnostic of the steering rack or columns with the EPS, as well as the HPS pump, which work according to the protocols CAN or FlexRay.

In the upcoming summer at the service station begins the «high season» - car owners, concerned about the condition of the air conditioning system of their car, rush to the service station. To be ready for the influx of those wishing to «not to worry» customers, you need to be fully equipped: have equipment and specialists.
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