Automotive scanner

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Automotive scanners are designed in different ways. There are self-contained (or independent, self-acting) scanners and along with PC, it consists of software and a set of adapters. Autonomous scanners are portable while the software package provides a convenient interface.

How long can the car drive on the battery?

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Is the alternator broken? This does not mean that the car will not be able to drive. The only question is the distance that a car can drive on only one battery. How many kilometers you can drive on a car battery? The answer depends on many factors: operating conditions and availability of additional energy consumers.


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This year our team takes part in the main international specialized exhibitions of auto parts and after-sales service of cars.

Congratulations on the Holiday of 8th Day of March

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Congratulations on the International Women's Day – the Holiday of 8th Day of March! Happy spring warmth, inspiration and love!

Personnel selection for car service. How to convert quantity to quality

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The success of any company, including a car service, depends not only on the amount of investment and a competent development plan, but also on the coherence and quality of staff. Therefore, the selection of competent personnel refers to the main stages of the successful business formation. Moreover, it is important to be able not only to find a good specialist, but also to motivate him to work, investing time and resources in his continuous deve
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