MSG Equipment got CE certificate

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CE-marked products of MSG Equipment can be sold within the European Economic Area without any problems. This document means that MSG Equipment is reliable at all levels.

How to not reduce to dust a starter and alternator?

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Keeping safe and operational integrity of the automotive starter and alternator is quite simple. Follow directions to avoid severe problems during the lifetime of the starter and alternator.

How to run diagnostics and remove the cause of trouble of an alternator

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Diagnostics and repair of the alternator. The main stages of the automotive alternator diagnostics and repair. The cause of troubles. Removing of failures.

Battery in charge at open-circuit conditions

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Many drivers are interested in the question: the battery in charge when the engine is running at open-circuit conditions or not. The answer - is in charge, but there are enough to worry about.

All Special Tools Have Around!

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Special tools for service stations. Special offer. Favorable price. Promotion. Wide range of products. Official warranty.
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