Jan 13, 2021


Equipment for diagnostics of starters and alternators

The whole line of MSG Equipment products for starters and alternators can be divided into three categories as follows:

  1. Equipment for express diagnostics: MS015 COM and MS016;
  2. Equipment for complete diagnostics of automotive units: MS005, MS002 COM, MS004 COM, MS006 COM;
  3. Equipment for diagnostics of individual components of automotive units: MS012 COM, MS013 COM, MS014, MS021, MS031.

This equipment allows any repair shop to perform all possible maintenance operations ranging from the initial in-situ evaluation of a unit condition to tracing down a faulty element.    

Let us review each of the categories and their potential in detail.   

  1. Equipment for express diagnostics:testers MS015 COM and MS016 for quick health assessment of an alternator directly in a car. 

Tester MS016 has some additional features: voltage regulators can be diagnosed separately from alternators. The device is also equipped with a database of diagrams for the connection of voltage regulators to the tester. It allows a workshop specialist to detect the cause of the alternator's failure without dismantling it from the vehicle.  

  1. Equipment for complete diagnostics of automotive units: MS005, MS002 COM, MS004 COM, MS006 COM.

Test bench MS005 is the top-of-the-line model. It can diagnose starters and alternators with a nominal voltage of 12/24 volts, alternators equipped with vacuum pumps, as well as car batteries. MS005 can set a load of up to 300A to an alternator. In other words, the test bench potential allows diagnosing alternators of all types and detecting their possible faults.  

The parameters measured in the course of the testing procedure are displayed in the form of graphs. Test results can be saved and printed out. Two new additional features will soon be available: diagnostics of start-stop alternators and the alternators with a nominal voltage of 48V. 

Test bench MS002 COM is used to evaluate the technical condition of 12/24V alternators (the allowable load on the alternator is up to 200A for 12V and up to 100A for 24V), 12/24V starters with a power of up to 6 kW, and of voltage regulators separately from alternators.

Due to the test bench potential, the range of alternator models that can be diagnosed is extended to its maximum. 

MS004 COM is a compact desktop test bench operated from 220V mains (! which is very convenient when there is no access to 380V field network). It diagnoses 12/24V alternators under a load of up to 100A for 12V and up to 50A for 24V, as well as 12/24V starters with a power of up to 4kW. Also, the device can test voltage regulators separately from alternators. 

Test bench MS006 COM is also a desktop device operated from 220V mains. It is intended for diagnostics of 12/24V automotive alternators under a load of up to 50A that is sufficient for testing all types of passenger car alternators at a small workshop. 

The equipment that belongs to this category allows workshop specialists to perform complete diagnostics of automotive units dismantled from a vehicle. 

  1. Equipment for diagnostics of individual components of automotive units: MS012 COM, MS013 COM, MS014, MS021, MS031.

Tester MS012 simulates the connection of a voltage regulator to a fault-free alternator in order to assess its performance and select a voltage regulator replacement matching a particular alternator. 

Using tester MS014, it is possible to check stator windings and rectifiers of automotive alternators without applying any additional devices or unsoldering some individual semiconductor components of a rectifier. 

Tester MS021 is used to assess the technical condition of both rectifiers of automotive alternators and separate diodes. The device is user-friendly, small-sized, and light-weighed.

 Tester MS031 enables car mechanics to evaluate a starter solenoid technical condition, detect an open circuit or an inter-turn fault in a starter solenoid coil.  

Equipment of this category is capable of thorough diagnostics of every alternator component.   

All the demands of auto workshops of different kinds and specializations have been taken into consideration when developing this line of products by MSG Equipment. Our managers will attend to the individual needs of every customer and help to select the equipment specifically for your workshop. 

All testers and test benches have been engineered in tandem with specialists of the Master Service network. During the process of the equipment development, our specialists have followed up on all the suggestions made by car mechanics working with testers and test benches by MSG Equipment. 


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