Jul 13, 2022


MSG Equipment In The Exhibition Automechanika Frankfurt 2022

MSG Equipment invites you to take part in the annual exhibition dedicated to the after-sales service of vehicles and special machinery, which will be held on September 13-17, 2022 in Frankfurt.

We will present our own production equipment and demonstrate its advantages, such as diagnostic accuracy and convenient design.

Test bench and testers for diagnostics of starters and alternators:

  • MS008 – multifunctional test bench for diagnostics of starters and voltage regulators, vehicle alternators separately from alternators under load.
  • MS015MS016 – testers for rapid diagnostics of vehicle alternators and starters without their dismounting from the vehicle.
  • MS012 – tester for the diagnostics of the voltage regulators – separately from alternators.
  • MS014 – a device that combines the possibility of checking both stator windings and rectifiers of vehicle alternators.

Diagnostics of air conditioner compressor:

  • Test bench MS111 – to check the technical condition of the car climate systems.
  • MS112 - Provides an inspection of the electrical part of the compressor and conducts a test of its productivity.
  • MS121 is a tester that combines the ability to test the electromagnetic clutches and the control valves of the compressors of the climatic systems of vehicles.

Diagnostics of EPS and EHPS units:

Diagnostics of EDU and EGUR aggregates:

  • MS561 for diagnostics of EDU and EGUR units (steering racks, columns and pumps) operating according to CAN and FlexRay protocols, separately from the vehicle's electrical system.

Diagnostics of electric vehicles:

  • LOKI a device that implements all the necessary service functionality for repair and service of Tesla Model S, Model X, Model 3.
  • Tester MS800 is designed to diagnose high-voltage nickel-metal hybrid batteries (NiMh) of hybrid vehicles: Toyota, Lexus, Honda, etc.

The meeting will take place in Frankfurt am main in hall 8.0, stand H10.

We will be glad to meet you.


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